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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that catches rain and snow and drains into a lake or river. Some are very large while others are just a few acres. Most drain into larger watersheds. Watersheds provide water for drinking, irrigation, industry, and recreation. Healthy watersheds are important for a healthy environment. Deerfield Township falls in the Little Miami Watershed and includes portions of five smaller watersheds: Union Run, Simpson Creek, Polk Run, Muddy Creek, and Little Muddy Creek. The Little Miami Watershed is part of the larger Ohio River Basin. The District commissioned a study of all Deerfield Township watersheds in January, 2008.

What Makes a Watershed Unhealthy?

A watershed becomes unhealthy when water pollution threatens its wildlife and endangers the people who use it for drinking water, irrigation, and recreation. Pollution can be divided into two categories based on its source:

Point-source pollution -

Pollution that can be traced to a single source, such as industrial waste.

Nonpoint-source Pollution -

Pollution that comes from many sources and cannot be traced to a single source such as run-off from crop land, failing septic systems, construction sites, and drainage systems. This includes pollution created in residential areas from chemicals used for lawn treatment, soaps used to wash vehicles, and yard waste, pet waste, and garbage that get into the storm sewer system.