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Capital Improvement and Repair Projects

Understanding the nature and cause of stormwater issues helps to determine the entity who may undertake necessary improvements. Each stormwater problem is unique because the water does not conveniently stay within certain borders or jurisdictions. Problems may also have complicated causes or solutions which require intergovernmental cooperation.

Generally speaking, projects in the public road right-of-way may be handled by either the Stormwater District or Deerfield Township. Currently, Deerfield Township is taking the lead on these types of projects. However, in certain cases, the District and Township will partner to jointly address those projects which also extend outside the right-of-way.

The District has established a set of Criteria for Assistance in its Regulations which outlines the types of projects eligible for District assistance. Generally speaking, those criteria permit the repair or construction of facilities which are either in a public-use easement or which carry public stormwater or to address unreasonable amounts of public stormwater which enters onto private property. The District will not expend funds to correct problems caused by one private property owner’s stormwater flooding a neighboring private property. The District will also not stabilize stream banks unless it is necessary to significantly address water quality or to address flooding or where unreasonable stream bank erosion is adjacent to and caused by discharge from a public storm water improvement.

Request for Assistance Form

Anyone with a stormwater issue and interested in receiving assistance from the District is invited to submit a Request for Assistance form to the District. Please print the Request for Assistance form, fill it out, and either mail it to the District or bring it to a meeting. After a formal Request for Assistance is submitted, the project is evaluated by the District to determine if it meets the Regulations’ criteria for assistance. If the project does meet at least one of the criteria, the project is ranked and added to the projects which will be undertaken with District funds. Because of the unique nature of every stormwater problem, the District continuously reviews the criteria for any necessary modification. Funds are limited and the District simply cannot afford to address every conceivable problem. All potential projects are subject to the availability of funds.